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Choose The Right Power Source For Your Floor Maintenance Machinery

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If you have a large store that you are trying to keep clean, you know that there is a lot of floor maintenance that you need to do to keep your floors looking nice. They need to be scrubbed, buffed, stripped, and waxed so that they not only look good but so that they last longer. That takes a lot of work and is impossible to do by hand. Luckily, there are machines that make it much easier to do. Read More»

Key Diesel Performance Parts

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A diesel engine combusts fuel in a much different way than an internal combustion engine. Whereas an internal combustion engine uses a spark to ignite the fuel, a diesel compresses air to create heat and then uses the heat to ignite the fuel. A factory diesel may not fully combust the fuel in the engine, but with the right performance parts, you can increase not only your fuel economy, but also your power. Read More»

Answered Questions For Novice Septic Tank Owners

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Have you recently moved into a new house that has a septic tank? Is this the first house with a septic tank that you’ve lived in? If so, you probably have some questions about how the tank works and what sort of maintenance is needed. If so, here are the answers to a few of the questions that you might have: Is a septic tank difficult to care for? A septic tank is relatively easy to care for, but it can require more thought than a connection to a city sewer system. Read More»

Safe Ways To Control Bed Bug Infestations When Waiting For An Exterminator

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Bed bug infestations are a risk everyone shares equally. They are not restricted to certain climates or only take place in specific homes. A bed bug residing in a hotel can enter a suitcase and travel home with an unsuspecting victim or the recipient of grandma’s old love seat may discover it comes with more than throw pillows. The fastest, most reliable method of eradication is with the help of a qualified pest control service, but many people have to wait for their help because of their budget. Read More»

3 Ways To Easily Prepare For A Street Cleaning Event

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Are you tired of seeing litter on the streets in your neighborhood? If so, you may have decided you would like to take some action on your own by planning out a street cleaning event. Before you finalize the details, there are some helpful tips to consider during the planning process. 1. Create Street Cleaning Day Flyers and Pass Them Out You may want everyone in the neighborhood to know about the street cleaning event you are planning. Read More»